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Convert your flv videos - free software.

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Flv Converter is free Windows software for conversion of Macromedia Flash FLV format into one of the many output video formats. The FLV format is also know as a flash video format and it's extension is ".flv". Today, flash flv format is widely popular and it established itself as standard for publishing embedded video streams on internet. Many of the most popular web sites with video content use FLV as a chosen format (youtube, google video etc)

With our free software Flv Converter, you can convert your flv encoded video content into the today's most popular and wide spread video formats which are used on desktop computers, mobile phones, laptops and removable devices and various audio players. The conversion is available into the following formats: avi, mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mp4, mov, ipod, psp, iPhone, 3gp and mp3. With mp3 the Flv Converter will convert the audio stream only since mp3 is an audio carrier format only.

Flv Converter is also available for download as a portable, stand alone version, single exe file that you can run from usb removable device without install procedure.

When making this application we wanted it to be simple, user friendly and easily understandable to the largest audience. The basic operations are located at the main toolbar and the program operates by making the list of "ready to be converted" files in flash video FLV format. It is possible to add and queue multiple files for conversion at once - an option that is missing even from many commercial applications. Moreover, you can add flv files with drag and drop system which is supported for Windows OS..

You can always check the file with preview option before you add it into the list and start converting. Flv Converter gives you an opportunity to adjust manu options for encoding the output file, like the quality settings, audio and video bit rate, frame rate per second and other options.

For more information's about how to use Flv Converter check the online help.

Flv Converter is as is, free of charge to use software. Flv Converter is clean application, it does not contain advertisements, malware or any kind of badware. Flv Converter does not try to secretly connect to internet and it doesn't collect any information's about the users and their systems.

If you find Flv Converter useful please tell your friends about it so it can reach more users. A link on your site or blog would be highly appreciated.

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Current version:
Release date: 5/26/2012.
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Installation type: Both install and portable version available, choose bellow.