Flv format

Flash video format was developed by Macromedia, now Adobe, it is a specialized video format used to deliver video content on internet. This format gained a huge success and wide spread popularity because it featured many advantages for delivering a live streaming video on internet. A Flash FLV video can be nested inside the swf file. The standard video codecs that FLV - Flash Video uses are H.263, H.264, VP6 and Mpeg4. In order to view the streaming flv video a Flash Player must be installed on a host system. FLV is designed from the ground up for fast and reliable web playback, it offers good compression and small resulting files.

For audio stream mp3 is most often used in combination although AAC and other formats are supported as well. Flash Video format (FLV) is supported on the majority on operating systems, Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Flash video typically uses an FLV extension but with the support for mp4 video streaming Adobe recommends using new types of extensions which should tell what container is used and its purpose, thus we have:

Extension F4V - video/mp4 - Video for Adobe Flash Player
Extension F4P - video/mp4 - Protected Media for Adobe Flash Player
Extension F4A - video/mp4 - Audio for Adobe Flash Player
Extension F4B - video/mp4 - Audio Book for Adobe Flash Player
Extension FLV - .flv video/x-flv –Flash Video

Typically, in order to convert from any of these formats there should be an associated codecs installed on a system from which a converting is performed, so the flash converting application can use them. But, the free conversion software which you can download from this site, Flv Converter already comes with its embed support for FLV files which is based on ffmpeg libraries. That means that Flv Converter is totally independent from the installed codecs.


To download Flv Converter use the link bellow.