Free Flv Converter and avi format

With Flv Converter you can convert flv video stream to an avi container format.

FLV - Video format developed originally by Macromedia (now Adobe). Flv is a specialized, highly optimized video streaming format targeted for use on internet, for playing live video footage and streaming video. Flv also stands by the name of "Flash Video". To play flv format a Flash Player needs to be installed on a host system. Because of it's high level of optimizations FLV can be quite demanding for older computers, sometimes causing frame skipping.

Typically, users watch flv videos and download them on hard drives. But, flv movies aren't the best choice for offline use, they require a flash player that must be downloaded from internet, so users often prefer to convert their flv movies to a more suitable format for offline viewing or sending to other people etc. A way to do this is to use a converter software to convert flv to avi, or other formats. Avi is often used because it is very well supported on Windows systems. To convert flv to avi download free Flv Converter on this site.

FLV can be converted to AVI with free software hosted on this website, Flv Converter.

AVI - The most popular and wide spread video format on computers with Windows operating system. Avi is basically a container format, which means it is designed to encapsulate other formats within it (but not Flv). Default installation of Windows OS comes with several codecs to be used with Avi container, like cinepac or indeo. Other popular avi codecs, like divx or xvid must be installed on system in order for avi to be playable with video players. Just like flv, avi formats are not well suited for viewing in huge resolutions and large windows. To convert Flv to Avi use Flv Converter, free and portable converting utility.

Flv to Avi - to convert Flv flash video to avi use Flv Converter software downloadable from this site. Flv to Avi convert is as easy as a mouse click, flv converter supports multiple Avi codecs, flv to avi video preview region, quality setting, frame rate multiple flv to avi convert queue list.

Flv Converter is malware free, clean software and it is free for both personal and commercial usage.


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