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Convert flv video to mpeg-4 (mp4) using free Flv Converter.

FLV is multimedia flash video format mostly used to embed video content on web sites. Most large streaming video web sites today choose to convert and publish online videos in flv format. Due to it's efficiency and particular set of options aimed for online use, flv is great choice to embed real time video on web site, but less so good choice for watching it locally in media player from hard drive. For offline watching it is preferred to convert flv to mp4 or other formats.

MP4 is mpeg-4, a complex modern format for efficient compression of video, mp4 has grown out of popularity of mp3, and although they share certain similarities mp4 is more advanced and increasingly gains the popularity threatening to one day become as important in video world as its older brother already become in the audio world. Mp4 encapsulates various formats, codecs, technologies and elements into one file with mp4 extension. It supports advanced graphic effects, subtitles and menus. The level of compression is very high, mp4 removes every bit of information that human eye either doesn't clearly see, or perceives as not important. Mp4 not only produces small files, but because of advanced algorithms used it offers a great quality for the given size. Mp4 is designed to be multi purpose, for using on desktop computers or as a real time streaming media, on portable video players, it is already well supported on most platforms and devices. Mp4 is modular, expandable format with a room left for future technologies, unlike the rudimentary formats it will quickly adapt to serve future advancements. Users are often familiar with mp4 format through divx and xvid, which are widely used for making compressed copies of feature movies. For all this reasons Mp4 is very good video format to be converted to from flv or other source files. To convert flv to mp4 you can use Flv Converter, freely available to download and use free of charge on this website.

Flv to Mp4 - To convert flv to mp4 import flv file you want to convert to mp4, choose a preferred codec, frame rate and bitrate for video and audio. Run convert option to execute flv to mp4 conversion. By turning the preview on you can watch your flv video being converted to mp4 in real time. Resulting, converted mp4 will be saved in the output folder which you can pick. Note that, although mp4 can offer better quality at high resolutions file converted from flv to mp4 can not be any higher quality than the input flv video.

Flv Converter is fast, portable and feature packed software for converting video formats. Use Flv Converter to convert flv to mp4, avi, mpeg or any other format.


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