Free Flv to Mpeg converter

With Flv Converter you can convert flash flv video to mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 format.

FLV - If you ever watched any streaming content online there is a great chance it might have been in Flv Flash Video format. Most video clips available online today are encoded in flv format. This is due to its suitability for such usage, flv format is created for live broadcasting and streaming video clips and it greatly prevailed over competitors in recent years. Since people often download flv clips from internet and flv isn't a great choice for offline viewing due to need for a special player there is a demand for utilities that can convert flv to mpeg and other formats. Flv Converter is very complete, powerful and free converter for encoding flv into mpeg and other formats.

MPEG - Mpeg is an old, reliable compression method which is universally available and supported by default on most home computing systems. Mpeg is quite similar to jpeg, which is used to compress static images, but with moving pictures things were a bit more complicated, so mpeg has to remove redundant, repeating information from consecutive frames, optimize it and embed an audio signal within the format. Basically, as where the jpeg compresses the area of the same color, mpeg also take into account where the moving picture doesn't change, and compresses that as well. That is why mpeg files with fast motion are usually bigger than those where the picture doesn't change much. Mpeg compression is computationally intensive so mpeg isn't suited well for real time usage, like online internet streaming. Mpeg has a high level of compression, it can squeeze the video material to a 80 to 1 ratio and many times even more. Mpeg is used often in the early days of internet as a choice format for putting a video online, since it is widely supported and support for mpeg playback is native for many operating systems, like on Windows or Linux. Nowadays, modern streaming formats like flv took over mpeg. But mpeg still has advantages, so in order to convert flv to mpeg you can use Flv Converter from this site.

Flv to Mpeg - Convert Flv to Mpeg in few simple steps: First, download the Flv Converter which is able to convert flv video to mpeg. Second, import flv file into program and choose mpeg as output format using a predefined icon. Check the options for quality settings, frame rate and so. Finally, click on "Convert" icon to convert your flv to mpeg. Resulting mpeg file will be located at the output folder which is definable by Flv Converter. You can queue multiple flv to mpeg conversions and let the software do all converting, file by file. Please note that, regardless of what quality settings, bitrate or resolution you use, the resulting, converted mpeg can not look better than the input flv file. That is the nature of compression and converting from one format to another. Flv to mpeg convert is free and you can use Flv Converter for both personal and commercial usage. Flv Converter does not contain spyware.


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