Convert Flv to 3gp

Convert flash flv to mobile 3gp format using free Flv Converter.

FLV extension (.flv) is file encoded by the vide exporter with the support for flv format, it is flv flash compatible compressed video file that consists of interleaved audio and video material, short header and metadata packets. Flv is an open format with wide support in thirty party applications and scripts. Flv content is stored similarly

Flv format is not very convenient for local video playback on computer or portable devices capable of decoding flv, so a conversion from flv to other formats are often a necessary step. This is particularly true for usage of mobile phones, since playing back flv on such devices will often produce unacceptable quality, skipping frames and choppy playback. A format that is designed for use on mobile phones is 3gp, so in order to play back flv video on cell phones it is strongly advisable to convert flv to 3gp using a Flv Converter, free software downloadable from this web site.

3GP is a specific format created to be used on mobile phones to store and play media (audio/video). 3GP can deliver very highly compressed videos which aren't suited to be watched offline on a pc computer but they look fine on a small screen of a mobile phone. A bandwidth throughput sacrifice had to be done in order to accommodate restricted memory and processing capabilities of small mobile devices. 3gp is today a de facto standard for mobile content delivery, it is based on MPEG-4 but tailored for specific low bandwidth circumstances. Flv Converter can be used to convert downloaded flw video to 3gp, which will be playable on a mobile phone.

Flv to 3Gp - To convert flv to 3gp import the flash flv video into Flv Converter and choose "flv to 3gp" icon in the convert options, than proceed by choosing output folder and click on "Convert", your converted 3gp video will be located on hard drive in the chosen output folder. You can convert multiple flv to 3gp files by queuing them up for conversion.

Flv Converter is fast, portable and feature packed software for converting video formats. Use Flv Converter to convert flv to 3gp, mp3, mov or any other format.

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