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Adobe (formerly Macromedia) created FLV format as an answer

MOV is a file extension (.mov) used for a quicktime container multimedia format. Mov files can contain compressed video and audio, graphics, animation and subtitles. Mov format is supported by default on Apple Mac computers and operating systems. For mov to be watchable on PC computer a QuickTime player must be installed.

Flv to Mov - To convert flv to mov open flv in Flv Converter and choose "Flv to Mov" as a convert option in imported flv properties window. Set one of the predefined output quality presets and choose a codec that will be used for compression. Different codecs will produce different results and file sizes so if you aren't sure of what codec to use you may want to experiment with multiple flv to mov conversions in order to find a most appropriate codec. Additional options, for fine control over flv to mov options can be opened by clicking on the "Advanced" tab. There you can precisely adjust a video bit rate and audio bit rate that will be used when converting from flv to mov. After setting the desired options click on OK and a job will be added to a convert list. You can add as many as flv to mov converting jobs as you wish, once you press the "Convert" they will be executed one by one. By picking the output folder you are telling the software where to save resulting mov video file.

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