Flv to Wmv convert using free Flv Converter

Flv Converter is free software to convert FLV format to wmv or any other video format.

FLV is format created and developed for watching online videos and movies, it requires a flash player to be downloaded and installed but in return it offers great quality, smooth playback, fast loading times, multitude of options and interactivity features. Flv is rarely used for watching videos locally, from hard drive, partially because yet another player must be installed and partially because it is not made for offline watching, and there are far better formats for that. For the very same reasons people convert flv to wmv, mpeg or other formats. To convert flv to wmv download and use free Flv Converter software.

WMV is developed by Microsoft and it is commonly used for for video playback. Wmv was developed to be a choice format for real time online usage and streaming media. Wmv format does offer a high compression levels and good quality of video. It main advantage is default support and good compatibility in the Windows environment. However, it is not well supported on other systems like Linux and Mac. Over the time, more modern, better featured real time formats like FLV grabbed the larger part being the preferred online format, with wmv still largely used in both internet and on personal computers. Since Wmv is a good choice for offline viewing and Flv not so, most flv files downloaded from internet end up being converted to either wmv, or other formats. To convert Flv to Wmv you can use free Flv Converter, available for download on this website.

Flv to Wmv - No need to search for special Flv to Wmv converter, Flv Converter is free, universal converter that converts flv to any other format, not only flv to wmv. To convert flv video to wmv video import source flash flv, set the options id needed and press "Convert". Your downloaded flv will be converted to wmv in a highest video and audio quality possible, according to the chosen settings.

Flv Converter is portable and fast, full featured format conversion software. With Flv Converter you can convert flv to wmv, avi, mpeg or any other format.


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